What is a Health Coach?

Simply Put.. Coaches Change Lives!


A health coach is someone who commits to working on their own health and fitness and then shares their daily successes, failures, learnings and strategies with others in an effort to inspire them to take action on their own health goals.  We invite others to join us on the journey and share tips and tools that have heped us to be successful in achieving our own goals.  We aren't all fitness and nutrition experts or uber-fit athletes.  Some of us are, but many of us are just starting out on our journey or still finding our way.  To be a great health coach, you simply need to have a passion for living healthy and helping others along the way.  You need a positive attitude and the willingness to invite others to join you.


Coaches mainly support others through online communities where we keep our friends, family, co-workers and community members inspired and accountable to clean eating and daily movement.  We offer groups monthly and have fun with themes and prizes and encourage people to work on their mindset and overall wellness.  For those who already work in health and fitness, you have the opportunity to add nutrition systems and online coaching into your business as an added perk for your clients and an additional revenue stream for your business.  You keep your brand and strengthen it by offering more to your existing clients and growing your reach out of your local area.


As coaches, we also commit to daily personal development and learn how to build and grow our own businesses which can lead to financial success, personal fulfillment and time freedom.  Our team trains our new coaches how to be impactful as coaches, how to market their businesses and how to create a nest egg for their future. 

As a new coach on our team you'll share your own health journey, support those you care about, and gain exposure to new experiences and new communities where personal growth can happen.  Our team offers free online coach training programs, 24/7 online coach support groups, and live professional and social events to help you maximize your learning, growth, and experiences in our Fit Republic community.