Fit Republic Success Stories


We'd love to share with you some awesome stories of determination and transformation that have helped these people to live the life of health and happiness they've always wanted. Our community supported them and encouraged them daily to reach for their goals and here is how they changed their lives.

Derek Tempongko

When I first started to take my first step towards a healthier lifestyle, I was really overweight and unfit. Numbers from body checkups were not positive and that was alarming enough for me to finally decide to make a change. With my inspiring wife and love from her, I took the first step to change. I never looked back after that.


At present, I have lost over 70 lbs and went down 3 sizes (from XL to S). I never have thought in my wildest dreams that I could do it, but with the support from family and with knowledgeable Beachbody coaches and the Beachbody products, I was able to transform my life to a healthier me. This new lifestyle is certainly a work in progress every single day. There's no end date to it. Staying healthy and fit is a lifelong journey.


As I see myself changing and am able to transform my body, I was motivated to pay it forward by taking a leap of faith to step out of my comfort zone and help others do the same thing - help others on their fitness journey.  What better way to do this than to teach a group exercise class.  I started with my first specialty format, INSANITY Live. This format allows me to share my personal experience with INSANITY workout and bring it to the larger community in the gym.


I am constantly trying to improve myself and be the best that I can be to serve others.  My next goal in life is to become a Master Trainer in one of the many formats of group exercise format I currently teach.  One of them being, INSANITY Live.

Malia Geary

Malia lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks and reclaimed her life.  Hear how Malia went from and unhappy, overweight mom to an energetic and inspired mom who used her fitness success to help others get healthy. She started her own business as a Team Beachbody coach with The Fit Republic and is now growing as a leader in her community and earning extra income for her family.

Yolanda Sena

In an attempt to lose weight, Yolanda was a perpetual dieter for years but never seemed to get real results.  She had a poor self body image for most of her life always being the "chubby" kid in her family.  She struggled to keep her weight down most her adult life. She felt her best when she got married. Looking great for her wedding day was a definite inspiration to eat right and exercise.  But after that, life happened...two pregnancies, one child; new job that moved her far away from her family, being diagnosed with breast cancer at 41 years young, managing the struggles of marriage all lead her to depression and emotional eating.  She was lucky to come out on the other side now "healthy and good" on all counts. Yet, her body felt and looked terrible - the repercussions of bad eating habits. When her weight peaked again to her post pregnancy weight and she was having symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath, and joint pain, she knew she couldn't continue down the same path. For her child's sake and her own, she needed to make a change.  After all she wanted to be around to see her daughter grow up and have kids of her own someday.  She had to get her body moving and stop “wishing” for the weight to drop off.


It was about this time that Heather Glenn invited me to join her online fitness and nutrition accountability group.  Four days in and she already noticed changes.  She had more energy, no more mid day crashes, and the pounds were already coming off.  In 3 weeks she lost ELEVEN POUNDS!  Her girlfriends at work noticed a change in her too.  They saw her try different diets in the past with no real commitment, yet this time it was different. She wasn’t starving herself or eliminating foods from her diet.  This time, she ate, she drank her Shakeology, and she MOVED! She brought a pair of tennis shoes to work and invited anyone who wanted to take walks with her during her lunch break to come.  One day she had a group of 8 ladies walking with her which made it fun and energizing.  


She participated in two more challenge groups and even got a couple of friends to join in!  After four months into her “get healthy” journey, she was feeling proud of herself for staying committed to getting fit and improving her health. All the hours of hard work and sweat from exercising and eating healthy was paying off.  She felt so much better; she had more energy to play with my daughter, more focus at work and bonus – she fit into her skinny jeans again! But the topper was one morning at work when she had not one had THREE different people stop her in the hall to compliment her on her body transformation! People were noticing now.


Not only did her body change but her attitude and mindset changed too.

And now, instead of feeling bad about herself for gaining a few pounds when she falls off track, she looks back to see just how far she's come and just gets back on track.  It’s not only about the number on the scale but more about how her feels in her own skin.  Along the way, her body transformed, she has more energy, and regained her self confidence.  Most importantly, she learned she doesn’t have to give up enjoying a tasty beverage and savory meal once in a while. It just means finding a balance between having them and making time for fitness.  What used to feel like work is now the very thing she enjoys doing most.

Deb Quinto

Many have asked me how I got the motivation to start my health journey. The truth is, after a routine physical in November I learned that in addition to being overweight, my cholesterol and triglycerides were rising. I had 3 months to make changes or I would have to take new meds. I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to be the nurse that promoted health in my patients but couldn't practice what I preach. More important than any number on the scale are the numbers in my labs. I worked hard to bring my Triglycerides down from 241 to 68 and thankfully I don't have to be on new meds. I'm still on my health journey not to be skinny but to be strong. I'm committed to being preventative, not reactive.

Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the results and that's exactly what the challenge groups gave me. I joined the groups to jumpstart my journey and they gave me the support, and accountability I needed to produce results. The plus was going on this journey with others who shared the same struggles and goals as me. Adding Shakeology to my daily routine has been the best benefit to my health!  It gave me energy, and curbed my cravings. It's been proven to lower cholesterol, and it did for me. Best of all it taste great!  After joining a few challenge groups back to back, I made the decision to join the Fit Republic team as a coach. The team offered me additional guidance, and personal development so I can maintain a growth mindset and stay focused on my goals. I am the most committed to staying healthy and positive when I am surrounded by like minded people. I love Fit Republic's dedication to reaching out and helping others achieve their goals, and dreams.  I hope to continue to be this journey of being preventive, not reactive and sharing this journey with others.

Debbie Egan
  • Decreased arthritis pain

  • Best shape of her life

  • Drinks Shakeology daily


I started drinking Shakeology about 3 years ago to help with weight loss and cravings. Not only did I lose weight, I actually feel better.  Shakeology has a ton of vitamins and nutrients in it that I need.  It has made a huge difference in my overall health now that my body is getting the supplements it needs. I was blown away with by how simply drinking one shake a day made getting results like this 10x’s easier.

Shakeology has also helped with my headaches and arthritis. I’m in a lot less pain and I never thought that was possible! Since I eat more like a teenager than an adult, it has been the best meal replacement I could have asked for. Shakeology has filled the void in my nutrition I’ve been missing.


Thanks to my Coach Kelly, I drink my shake every day and I can proudly say that my husband drinks them with me now too! I would highly recommend Shakeology, especially to women post-menopause because it has helped balance out the hormones in my body and, along with training 2x’s a week with Kelly, it has helped me get in the best shape of my life!!