Heather Glenn

Co-Founder, The FIT Republic

Star Diamond Leader



Heather believes life is at its best when you are healthy, living with purpose and having fun.  Heather's mission is to help people create a healthy body and mind through fitness, nutrition, stress management and personal growth so that they can pursue their passion and purpose in life and live happily.  And, while everyone should take their health and their careers seriously, Heather knows that this doesn't mean life can't be fun along the way.  Life is supposed to be fun and rewarding, we need to step back sometimes and get a little silly and let our hair down.  Doing this helps release tension, gives us an endorphin rush and helps us connect with others.  Smiling and laughing just may be the best medicine!  


How Building a Beachbody Coaching Business Changed My Life

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Education, Career and Life Experience
Heather is a certified fitness professional with 14 years experience training and coaching clients of all fitness levels and has helped thousands of individuals achieve their health and fitness goals.  She graduated with a degree in business administration from the University of Colorado and spent several years working as a CPA and financial analyst.  Heather soon realized that her calling was in helping PEOPLE not in forecasting budgets and analyzing data.  She believed that the best way she could help other people was by sharing her love for fitness and healthy living.  She knew she could change people's lives for the better if she could help them increase their strength, energy and confidence through fitness and proper nutrition.  


Following in her entrepreneurial parent's footsteps, Heather has created and operated several health and fitness businesses.  Heather was the co-creator of Bay Area Boot Camp, San Francisco's original women's only outdoor boot camp, where she lead a team of 20 plus trainers and support staff to service thousands of clients nationwide.  This award-winning program was later re-branded AlaVie Fitness in order to encompass the expanding service offerings of the company.


In 2011 Heather created a new company under the name EmpowerFIT Boot Camp with her goal being to help people "train for the sport of life".  EmpowerFIT Boot Camp is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and continues to be one of the most popular boot camps in the area.  Heather sold the company in 2015 so that she could spend more time supporting her growing coaching team, building her online coaching programs and being present and available for her boys (husband included!)


The FIT Republic is Born  
Heather joined Team Beachbody as a health coach in 2011 when she was looking for a way to not only help her fitness clients with their nutritional needs but also to expand her market reach and help more people without adding more live training hours into her already packed day.  As a busy mom and business owner, Heather needed “plug and play” solutions that she could fold into her business.  She wanted something and that would easily allow her to coach existing clients in nutrition and also allow her to coach clients remotely in both fitness and nutrition.  Beachbody provided effective and simple fitness and nutrition tools, like Shakeology and the 21 Day FIX that made it possible to do both and, quite simply, WORKED.


As Heather began coaching clients online, she realized how much she enjoyed the community she was creating in her online support groups.  She was also starting to mentor other coaches in the business, both fitness professionals and non-fitness professionals.  As Heather’s coaching team began to grow, she realized there was an opportunity to help even more people by building and training a team of coaches across the nation.  With the help of her two top leaders Kelly Scott and Genevieve Desuasido, Heather formed the FIT Republic team.  With its mission to create personal FREEDOM through health and Beachbody’s business opportunity, Heather hopes to positively impact hundreds of thousands of lives through the FIT Republic community.


More on Heather  
Heather is married to her husband of 13 years who is also an entrepreneur and business owner.  She has 2 boys at home who are 9 and 6 years old and a stepson who recently graduated from San Diego State.  Juggling life can be quite comical in the Glenn household and they all work together to take it in stride.  When Heather isn't out creating healthy and happy lives, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends being active, traveling, having fun and just letting loose!