Genevieve Desuasido

Co-Founder, The Fit Republic

Diamond Leader




Genevieve loves Motivation!  You feel energy in her conversations, actions, and ideas. She includes family, friends, and her community in all that she does, especially in health. She and her mom re-write healthy versions of family recipes. She and her daughter run 10K races together. She runs her own Beachbody business, head coaches the school track team, and teaches her 3 children the importance of nutrition and exercise. Her life purpose is to help people to create their best life with strength, purpose, and happiness. One of her favorite feelings in the world is being part of a team. Whether it be family, sport, community, or career, Together Everyone Achieves More, and being a team player has led Genevieve to relationships in LEADERSHIP, LEARNING, and LOVE.




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  • Diamond Leader and Health Coach, Team Beachbody

  • Graduate of Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy, (2015)

  • Individual Fitness Class Certifications: Zumba, Piloxing, CIZE, TRX Suspension

  • Empowerfit Boot Camp Coach for San Carlos, San Mateo, Palo Alto, San Bruno (2011-2015)

  • Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (since 2011)

  • Group Exercise Certified through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (since 2011)

  • Teaching Credential in Biological Sciences, with particular involvement in Human Anatomy and Physiology (2002)

  • Graduate in Biological Sciences from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo (1999)


Education/ Career/ Life Experiences

Past experiences and lessons have taught Genevieve a lot about how to push past her limits. She always had a fuel for science, particularly working with the human body. This led her from being top in her class in Honors Biology and Anatomy and Physiology in high school and leading Varsity sports in Cross- Country and Track. Those experiences led her to get her Bachelor of Sciences and teaching credentials and become a science teacher and high school coach.


She found that through teaching, her most impactful community were adults who needed support in health. When she decided to certify in personal training and group exercise instruction, she realized her potential to motivate others towards a healthier body and determined mind to reach for their higher goals. She’s taught classes for up to 70 people and has a great ability to customize her program to the individuals present so that they feel valued and accomplished at the end of each class. She has taught Zumba, Piloxing, CIZE, and muscle focus classes since 2011. Leading a group of motivated individuals is the biggest emotional reward for Genevieve and she realized that she found her life mission.


Beachbody Completes the Process

When Genevieve joined Beachbody in 2011, she celebrated the fact that she could include her love of fitness and health with motivating others to create personal and financial freedom. As a mom of 3, she always struggled with how to create an income from teaching classes that would allow her to be home more with her children. When she started Beachbody coaching, the training and everything she needed to use was easily accessible and she could work from anywhere.


She first realized the potential for lasting growth and success when she spent a month in the Philippines for a family reunion. While she was not earning anything the the classes she wasn’t teaching, she was able to surpass what she would have made the entire month from her Beachbody business which she was working remotely for just a part of the morning while on vacation at a tropical beach and still impacting lives through health. As a mom-preneur she is determined to teach others how to create that model in their own lives. She now dedicates her time to finding moms that want to create a lifestyle career that allows them to prioritize their family while establishing personal and professional growth for themselves.


More on Genevieve

Genevieve has been married since 2000 and has 3 children, ages 9, 11, and 13. She’s the eldest of 4 kids and makes it a point to have dinner with this part of her family once a week. She takes a lot of pride in teaching her family how to live healthy and that it is important to a happy and fulfilling life. One of her goals as a parent is to be the mom that can run with them not watch from the sidelines. She runs 5K and 10K races with her children every year and teaches them how to raise money to support the race cause. She shares her Beachbody business with her husband, parents, and sisters and has made them all ambassadors on her health team. She is the school head track coach and with a team of 10 event coaches, guides a team of about 50 athletes in the same sport she grew up loving all her life.


She loves to sweat and her favorite foods are nutella and cinnabon but more smartly, mangoes and broccolini. She loves to watch her eldest son play basketball, teach her daughter how to try new things, and listen to her youngest son’s many daily inventions. She goes on a Friday weekly lunch date with her husband (another thing that she’s worked to earn and keep), which gives them valuable time to focus on each other in their busy lives and they travel every anniversary to a new out of town venue to explore together.


Two things that have changed her life significantly in the last two years:  (1) add reading a book a month to her schedule. Professional development through reading or audio books has provided her with solutions and support from great leaders. (2) Mentor her Beachbody team. Being a leader to them has given her great accountability and taught her how to take care of people on so many different levels.

She loves surrounding herself with positive energy and works daily to remove negative from  her life. It has made her a stronger mom, coach, and better person that people value and that reward keeps her focused on her mission.