Share Your Passion for Fitness and Turn Your Hobby Into an Income!


Start Your Own Health Coaching Business by Partnering with Beachbody. Get Business and Fitness Support Through The Fit Republic Team!


So you love fitness and healthy living and you want to inspire others and support them on their journey.  Did you know that you can turn that passion into a part or full-time income? Beachbody has a business opportunity that lets you support others on the path to healthy living and earn extra income in the process.  Our team, The Fit Republic, is made up of independent Beachbody Coaches who work together to support each other in fitness, business and life.  When you join our team of Beachbody coaches, you'll receive tons of business training and support, have fun in the process of building your business and you'll never feel alone!  We are looking for energetic, positive go-getters who want to create a healthy life and enjoy time and financial freedom to live a life by their own design.

WHY become a Beachbody Coach?

A big part of joining our team is working with amazing, driven people across the country – we consider ourselves a fitness business mastermind group.

Keep an open mind. Just like we believe that fitness is for everyone, so is coaching. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy a local 5K, right? Likewise, everyone “runs” their online fitness and nutrition businesses differently, according to their skills and goals. We learn from each other. We share best practices -- from writing effective social media posts to marketing fitness challenges to better time management.


This is a business and YOU are your OWN CEO. Wow. More than 90 percent of people work for someone else. This is your chance to have your nest egg, to enjoy the fruits of your own labor. And you have a ton of support.  There are two key points. Read both. One of them should speak to you.


  1. You do NOT have to be an expert in fitness or nutrition. You will invite people to try fitness and encourage them on their journey. You do not need to prescribe diets or write workouts. Beachbody provides premium products and resources for the people you help and we teach you how to support them. You will use your own story, your own struggles and successes to inspire others to take action.

  2. If you are ARE an expert in fitness or nutrition, awesome! You can grow your existing fitness business with a powerful strategic partnership with Beachbody. You can include your OWN fitness and nutrition tips in your challenge groups and use some Beachbody programs or products to fill in the gaps (everyone can benefit from a nutrient dense shake). You will continue to promote your OWN brand (YOU!) and supplement your income with online coaching and nutrition. You don’t work for Beachbody, you use their premium products, brand recognition, marketing and compensation plan to grow your reach and income. It’s a savvy move.


What do we all have in common?

We all offer encouragement and support. We all help people get results in health and fitness. We all invite others to work with us (not for us) in the business.


What skills do you need?

A coach on our team needs to be positive, self-motivated, loves fitness and wants to help others succeed. We will teach you the rest and will customize a plan of action according to YOUR skills and YOUR goals.


Who Can Become a Coach?

Coaches come in all ages, sizes, personalities, careers and jobs. Coaches are moms, dads, students, teachers, corporate professionals, engineers, marketers, business owners, fitness trainers, at-home moms, firefighters, stylists, photographers and more. We are people who want to live fit (even if we are still on our journey!) and are willing to help others along the way.


Has Something We've Shared Peaked Your Interest?

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