Meet The FIT Republic Founders!

The Fit Republic was founded by three female, fitness entrepreneurs and personal trainers who believe that everyone deserves to be healthy, pursue their passion and live a life by their own design.  We help our clients develop a love for fitness and healthy living and encourage them to step-outside their comfort zone to lead others down the same path.  Additionally, we thrive on helping fitness enthusiasts and fitness professionals start, build and enhance their own businesses by partnering with Team Beachbody, enabling them to love what they do while enjoying more time and financial freedom.

Heather Glenn
Star Diamond Leader


Heather believes life is at its best when you are healthy, living with purpose and having fun.  Heather's mission is to help people create a healthy body and mind through fitness, nutrition, stress management and personal growth so that they can pursue their passion and purpose in life and live happily.  And, while everyone should take their health and their careers seriously, Heather knows that this doesn't mean life can't be fun along the way.  Life is supposed to be fun and rewarding, we need to step back sometimes and get a little silly and let our hair down.  Doing this helps release tension, gives us an endorphin rush and helps us connect with others.  Smiling and laughing just may be the best medicine!  

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Kelly Scott
Star Diamond Leader


Kelly grew up a competitive cheerleader and cheer coach so she has always had a passion for being dedicated and driven to succeed in her sport and life in general. Her love for cheerleading led to her interest in becoming a full time fitness professional. Her mission is to share her knowledge about living a happy and healthy lifestyle while allowing yourself time off to indulge in the finer things in life, in moderation of course. Her motto is work hard, play hard! Life is too short to take things too seriously.

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Genevieve Desuasido
Diamond Leader


Genevieve loves Motivation!  You feel energy in her conversations, actions, and ideas. She includes family, friends, and her community in all that she does, especially in health. She and her mom re-write healthy versions of family recipes. She and her daughter run 10K races together. She runs her own Beachbody business, head coaches the school track team, and teaches her 3 children the importance of nutrition and exercise. Her life purpose is to help people to create their best life with strength, purpose, and happiness. One of her favorite feelings in the world is being part of a team. Whether it be family, sport, community, or career, Together Everyone Achieves More, and being a team player has led Genevieve to relationships in LEADERSHIP, LEARNING, and LOVE.

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